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Contract AI Forecast: Risks are Not Expected

Contract Lifecycle Management

A tailor-made solution for enterprise teams amplified with smart workflow and intelligent risk assessment functionality.
Axirum provides compliance and full visibility over all contract-related processes, documents, and performance.

The solution automates all stages of the contract lifecycle from creating drafts to fulfilling obligations and archiving. Axirum helps Sales, Legal, Procurement, and Finance teams find the balance between compliance and negotiating flexibility, and focus on mission critical business tasks.

and authoring

Digital Lawyer Risk

Approval with no-code

Signing at any place
via web client
or mobile apps

Seamless integration
with ERP and other systems

Unified storage

Performance monitoring

Advanced contract authoring

  • Intelligent capture, recognition, and classification of incoming documents.
  • Auto-generated templates for standard contracts.
  • Library of pre-approved by your legal team clauses for complex and non-standard contracts.
  • Automatic completion of counterparty data and due diligence check.
  • Relating contracts and corresponding documents into a single package.

Advanced contract authoring

Smart workflow and accelerated reviewing

Smart workflow and accelerated reviewing

  • Intelligent selection of an optimal approval cycle based on a contract type and terms.
  • Tasks with fixed deadlines and lists of approvers in compliance with corporate policies.
  • Simultaneous editing of documents and AI-powered versions’ comparison.
  • Automatic reminders about contractual jobs, obligations, milestones, renewal and expiration dates.
  • No-code configuration of approval cycles according to the company specifics.
  • Seamless integration with ERP and other software to automatically update data across all information systems.
  • Signing documents with an eSignature.
  • Work via mobile apps for process continuity.

Safe storage and performance monitoring

  • A single repository for all contractual and corresponding documents.
  • Assigning access rights to restrict access to confidential data.
  • Filtration and search of contracts by a business entity or by a country.
  • Fuzzy and federated search of documents.
  • Widgets and ready-to-use reports to get a bird’s-eye view of all contracts in work and employees’ workload.

Safe storage and performance monitoring

AI Digital Lawyer Assistant

Get rid of routine and trust your time-consuming manual work to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Risk forecasts based on legacy contracts. AI analyzes contract terms for potential opportunities and risks: fines, penalties, payment dates, etc.
  • Compliance assessment. The system automatically identifies areas of non-compliance and checks a contract for the presence of all mandatory requisites, clauses, and details.
  • Contract versions comparison. Differences are highlighted, and a specialist can see what has been changed in a document either by the counterparty or by internal approvers.
  • Counterparty due diligence. Axirum integrates with specialized websites to gather wide range of information about a counterparty. If a company has a bad reputation, AI will let you know.

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