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Axirum in Toyota Motor LLC: Approving Documents at Anytime from Anywhere

Toyota Motor LLC is the authorized importer of Toyota and Lexus cars, spare parts, and accessories.

The Toyota Motor management team decided to implement the Axirum ECM system to make interaction among the employees more efficient.

Implementation Goals

  1. To automate business processes.
  2. To make document management completely digital.
  3. To make it possible for the company managers to approve documents via mobile devices from any part of the world.

Project results

The project team automated contract management, payment request processing, approval of internal projects, supplier selection requests, business trip and expense report management.

Substitution of absent employees was completely automated. If an employee falls ill, goes on a vacation or leaves the company, the system automatically determines a substitute employee according to the company policies.

The ECM system speeded up the decision-making process. The company managers work in the system remotely using their iPads so they can review and approve documents while they are on meetings or in business trips.

«The Axirum system was implemented six months ago and we have a favorable project results.

The system managed to significantly reduce the time required to approve documents thanks to automatic substitution of absent employees, remote access to the system, the mobile apps, and instant delivery of requests and inquiries.

Our employees can be sure that they would never lose a document or send it by a wrong route. The managers can clearly see workload of their subordinates responsible for document management. Moreover, it didn’t take much time for our employees to adapt to the new processes. Nowadays, we get less than 10 requests concerning the ECM system per month».

Stanislav Nesin

IT Project Manager at Toyota Motor LLC

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