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Axirum in Groupe SEB




months to implement the system

Groupe SEB is a large French consortium that produces small appliances, and it's the world's largest manufacturer of cookware. Notable brand names associated with Groupe SEB include All-Clad, IMUSA, Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal and WMF Group.

In 2016, Groupe SEB decided to replace the old document management system: it’s functionality was limited, it did not develop within the company, and the cost of updating was equal to the cost of implementation of a new system.

The main criteria for a new EDMS were:

  • opportunity to implement the system in a short time;
  • comprehensive basic features;
  • friendly UI, both for users and administrators;
  • opportunity for further development and adaptation of the system.

Group SEB chose Axirum system as it matched criteria: wide functionality “out of the box”, an intuitive user interface, and support of English interface.

Project tasks

The main aim of the project was to organize effective contract management in SEB Vostok and SEB Ukraine. The task was to automate the approval process: the system should select a certain route depending on the type of contract and the budget owner. This functionality was available in the basic module of Axirum.

Extra settings

Due to the specifics of the company’s regulations, it was necessary to set up an additional approval condition: if the payment grace period is less than 45 days, the contract must be approved with the financial director. Now in the cards of contractual documents, there is an obligatory field of “Number of grace period days”.

Also after the final approval of the contract and before it’s printing, SEB watermark is inserted in the document. So the signatory understands that the final version of the document was approved by all the responsible employees.


Groupe SEB specialists took over the main work on the project. The implementation was carried out according to a shortened variant, and included two stages:

  • Research and GAP analysis.
  • Modifications, setting up consultations, and test operation support.

The system was set up with the help of Axirum specialists: an online chat of the Axirum project team and  the SEB project group was organized This helped to control the system setup and quickly respond to questions. Trial operation was without the participation of Axirum specialists.

In total, the project took 2 months and had a success due to:

  • active involvement of customer employees;
  • readyness to change existing business processes;
  • maximum use of basic functionality;
  • discussion of labor costs separately for each type of work.

Project results

About 180 users interact in the system. Company plans to develop external workflow with contractors and implement mobile solutions.




months to implement the system

Solution used

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