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Contract AI Forecast: Risks are Not Expected

Intelligent Processing of Incoming Documents


documents per year


sets of documents per day are processed with the help of artificial intelligence


users work in the system

it takes 2.5

minutes to prepare a request to create or change a supplier data


major suppliers exchange invoices electronically

One of the branches of L'oreal has a geographically distributed structure: a high-tech factory, academies for training beauty professionals, and a wide retail network.

Daily work with suppliers and distributors is a significant part of company operations. Document management with counterparties is a complex integrated process that includes internal and external interaction. Its effectiveness directly affects the success of the company in the market.

Documents were managed in a paper form. Information on the accounting entry was entered into the accounting system manually.

There were a lot of errors, documents were lost, work slowed down. The company management decided to implement the Axirum system to optimize the interaction with counterparties and simplify the processing of paper and electronic document flows.

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