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Contract AI Forecast: Risks are Not Expected

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With its Accu-Chek brand, Roche Diabetes Care has been dedicated to enabling people with diabetes to live life as normal and active as possible, as well as empowering healthcare professionals to optimally manage their patients’ condition.

Roche Diabetes Care is a part of the Roche group of companies founded in Switzerland in 1896. Today Roche is the largest manufacturer of diagnostic and medicinal products in fields of oncology, virology, rheumatology, and transplantology.

Project tasks

The project’s goal was to create an effective system that will provide:

  1. Simultaneous work of 100 employees.
  2. Single structured storage of documents (both digital versions and scan copies).
  3. Automation of documents’ approval processes.
  4. Digitalization of contract management.


Roche Diabetes specialists and Axirum experts have revised the existing system of documents’ classification and created a structured list of documents’ types and categories. For each type and category of a contract were determined respective approvers and archivists. To save time for creating contracts were configured auto-generated templates of documents.

Organizational structure and a list of counterparties were transported into the system via Excel.

During the project, the adaptation went both ways: in some cases, existing processes were modified to the system, in others – the system was adjusted to the Roche practices.

As a result of such an approach, there was no need in modifying Axirum or preparing additional user guides. The system was launched into pilot operation only six weeks after the start of the project.

Solution schema

69 types and 26 categories of documents were set. 16 registration groups were defined; documents are distributed automatically depending on a type and a category. A place in the archive along with a number format and employees responsible for registration and archiving are chosen in accordance with a registration group.

The registration group consists of responsible employee and a list of additional participants; all of them have the right to register documents in their logbook, but the documents have to meet predetermined criteria (types, departments, etc.). The responsible employee can control settings for a particular registration group and change the list of its participants.

Counterparties’ due diligence check and work with promotional materials

Contract management was not the only process improved at Roche with the Axirum. The project team developed new functionality, such as counterparties’ due diligence check and work with promotional materials.

Counterparties’ due diligence check

  1. A new type of task “Due diligence check” was developed. The task is launched when a new counterparty is entered into the system. The due diligence report automatically appears in the task, and later it is being approved.
  2. A new feature “Due diligence mark” is added to a counterparty’s card. It is filled automatically after the successful completion of the due diligence check.
  3. The contract’s card is modified: you can fill in a counterparty only if it was successfully verified.

Approval of promotional materials

  1. A new type of document “Promotional materials” was created.
  2. A new directory “Target audience” was added to the system; it is filled in for any promotional material.
  3. The approval route for the promotional materials is also set. The list of approvers is defined automatically depending on the information from a document’s card.


Contracts approval time was reduced. The process became more comfortable and transparent: now the initiator does not need to think through the list of approvers – the system defines them automatically.

Checking the status of a document takes only a few seconds. The control of documents returned from the counterparty became easier.

Relations with the counterparties have become more thoroughly regulated; the risk of signing a contract with an unreliable partner is excluded.

The approval and storing of promotional materials are streamlined.

«During the first year, there was a complex psychological adaptation, but gradually the users appreciated the system. The experience of the Contract Management team has become an incentive for other employees to use the system for their processes».

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types of documents configured

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